Feminine Awakening

The times are changing and the Feminine Consciousness is waking up. After a long period of the Masculine Consciousness ruling over the Earth, the time has come for Women to lead the humanity's awakening to the Feminine Consciousness.
These are the times to face the call of life and feel, heal and integrate it ALL. As women we rise when we love the raw, powerful and vulnerable humanness we all experience in our physical bodies. It is our moment to unite the Soul with its power and the physical reality.

To support this process, we have developed the Awakened Woman Program™️, that helps to purify, be conscious and navigate even through strong processes and circumstances, always leading towards freer humanness and femininity.


Awakened Woman Program™️ @ Online
Aug 29 @ 9:00 am – Aug 30 @ 1:00 pm

The times of the meetings are London time!

The dates of the modules:
29th – 30th August 2020
3rd – 4th October 2020
7th – 8th November 2020
12th – 13th December 2020

Along with the online group gatherings, it is also recommended to have individual coaching sessions (online) to aid in the process of change and transformation between and after the modules.

If you cannot attend all the live meetings, you can get access to the replay!

Basic Program (only 4 group modules):
early bird price before 30th June 405€
normal price 475€
late bird price after 15th of August 515€

Program with Individual Coaching (4 group modules + 7 individual coaching sessions)
early bird price before 30th June 790€
normal price 890€
late bird price after 15th of August 965€